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JIANGSU LONGYUAN DUST REMOVAL DESULPHURIZATION CO., LTD., holding JIANGSU LONGYUAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ENGINEERING CO., LTD., is New-High technology enterprise, professional unit in treating air pollution, holding Contracting Qualification for Environmental Protection project, trade mark for products:
From the establishment of our company, we have kept long-term cooperation relationship with famous international companies such as US DUCON and EEC. From their side, JIANGSU LONGYUAN DUST REMOVAL DESULPHURIZATION CO., LTD. Has gained complete technology support to keep the advance of air pollution treatment and quality control of air pollution treatment project which gains customers favorable comment.
The company holds many items of practical technology of environment protection, mainly undertakes dust removal and desulfuration of flue gas of coal-burning machine in thermal power plant and project designing, equipment manufacture, whole set installation and debugging service of industry and so on. It is corollary production base of dedusting and desulfuration equipment of State Power Corporation Longyuan as well as domestic production base of DUCON and EEC, and it has complete types of machining and detection equipment.
The company has passed quality management system certification of ISO9001, and lays a solid foundation for creating top-ranking standard enterprise with internationalization and modernization. JIANGSU LONGYUAN DUST REMOVAL DESULPHURIZATION CO., LTD. Has mature experience, unique technology, first class level and takes humane as the foundation, technology as guide, customers as center. We will wholeheartedly offer advanced and perfect service for electric power and basic industry users in environment protection, energy saving, clean production.